Belles Will Ring - The River

I was commissioned by the spectacular Belles Will Ring (wiki) for this video.  The song is off of their fantastic album, Crystal Theatre (spotify link for the first single “Come to the Village”).  I can not recommend the album enough.

Dios Malos (formerly Dios) - Starting Five

Jam of the Day, go kiss somebody!

Artist: Future Islands
Title: Tomorrow / Fountain 7”
Catalogue Number: UTR055
Formats: 7” / DIGITAL

Track listing:
A. Tomorrow
B. The Fountain


Since 2008’s ‘Wave Like Home’ debut album on Upset The Rhythm, Future Islands have gone from strength to strength, writing two classic albums of romantic yet melancholic synthpop for Thrill Jockey as well as exhaustively touring Europe and America to frenzied devotion. This new 7” on Upset The Rhythm ‘Tomorrow’ / ‘The Fountain’ sees the band at the top of their game, releasing some of their most compelling and sophisticated songs yet, building on the aching themes and poignant focus of their last album ‘On The Water’.

‘Tomorrow’ is a soulful swoon, its light tread is mesmerising amongst the slow burning synth cycles and relaxed bass progress. Samuel T. Herring’s ever-impressive vocal has never sounded more akin to Sam Cooke as he smoothly laments “I’m saying sorry every time we talk” before careening into a flight of sustained, arguably uncontrollable emotion. Some choice, additional vocals from Jenn Wasner (of Wye Oak), Lexie Mountain and Elena Johnston only make the song seem more impassioned; its ardent nature perfectly rendered into melody.

‘The Fountain’ meanwhile is a luscious narrative sunk into a slow dance. It’s a song that tells a tale of courtship, heady rush and leaps of faith. It’s a beautifully descriptive lyric, full of “shady groves”, “hanging gardens” and “human loam”, nodding a head to both Genet and Rilke as it passes. “I know my lines, and there’s a lot less space and a little bit of time… I know the way – It’s fine” sings Herring tenderly. Gerrit Welmers keyboard work here is stunning, the blooming chords and fluted air soaring across a landscape of crushed cymbals and quivering ambience, peaking with William Cashion’s deeply expressive, echoing bass ascent.

‘Tomorrow’ / ‘The Fountain’ was recorded and produced with long-term collaborator Chester Endersby Gwazda and mastered by Sarah Register (Talk Normal). Tyler Weeks provides the liminal, colourscape cover and the vinyl is heavyweight, white and limited to 1000 copies worldwide.



JJ DOOM - Guv’nor

I am a big fan of what they did with this video.

Flaming Lips w/ Bon Iver - Ashes in the Air



“As I Lay Sleeping” by Ozarks.  Video by Robbie & Eric.

Minus the Bear - Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse

I have nostalgia for this era of Minus The Bear.  When they just played songs about having fun, drinking and hanging with chicks.  They lost their charm for me once they moved on from that.  I heard that last album they put out and it sounded like they were trying to be Maroon 5 or some shit.  But I have love for their first few releases.

David Lynch Recordz. #davidlynch #vinyl (Taken with Instagram)

David Lynch Recordz. #davidlynch #vinyl (Taken with Instagram)

Ween - The Argus

Listen to this and try not to miss Ween.

Alice in Chains - Nutshell

Middle School Depression TO THE MAX.

Enabler - The Heathens


The Residents - It’s a Man’s World

This is a James Brown Cover.  And it’s totally awesome.  Here is a live version with a woman named Molly Harvey on vocals. And here is the studio version playing off of an awesome “Eyeball” 45.  And lastly, don’t forget the great, although admittedly old-fashioned original.

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